The Curse of Strahd

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Death House, Part 3

Bragus, Esha, Nimue, Tristan, and Varg continued their exploration of the secret cult temple beneath the house in Barovia Village. They found and destroyed the cult's undead leaders, Gustav and Elisabeth Durst, but their final deaths failed to put an end to the house's malevolent power. Following the ghostly chanting to a lower level of the temple, they encountered Lorghoth the Decayer, a creature animated by the cult's magic. With Lorghoth's destruction, the house began to collapse around them, forcing them to flee back through the house, barely escaping before it collapsed in on itself.

Death House - Part 2

Our heroes descended into the lower levels of the house in search of the dark truth of the Durst family. After bypassing the family tombs, they were ambushed first by a pack of ghouls in the narrow tunnels and then by the shadowy spirits of cultists after Varg disturbed what appeared to be a shrine. Ultimately, Tristan called on the power of Lethandar to disperse the cultist spirits as his companions retreated to lick their wounds.

Sins of the Father (Part 1)

Bragus, Esha, Nimue, Tristan, and Varg agreed to help Ismark and Ireena bury their father. While Tristan performed the funeral rites, Esha went to scout the church. She found it un-occupied except for the village priest Father Donavich and something screaming from beneath the floor boards. Donavich agreed to perform the funeral for Kolyan the next day. After a disturbed night spent in the Burgomaster's mansion, our heroes transported Kolyan's body to the church to prepare for the funeral.

Into the Mists

Bragus, Esha, Nimue, Varg, and Tristan have stumbled into the mist-shrouded land of Barovia while hunting werewolves east of Daggerford. After walking for much of the day, they reached a small town at whose inn they took rooms for the night. There they met Ismark the Lesser, the son of the town's late Burgomaster. Ismark warned them that all who stumbled into the cursed land became trapped by the mists. He was unsure how they might affect their escape, but offered to help them if they would escort his sister Ireena Kolyana to the near-by town of Vallakai. First, however, he needed their help to bury his father, who had died several nights before while defending Ireena from an attack on their house.


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